Polish Movie Springtime, a festival of contemporary Polish films presented by the Society for Arts, runs Friday, March 16, through Sunday, March 25. Screenings will be at the Copernicus Center, 5216 W. Lawrence, and the Society for Arts, 1112 N. Milwaukee. Tickets are $9. For more information call 773-486-9612.


That Life Makes Sense

A group of friends in a provincial town start making their own films. Grzegorz Lipiec directed; to be shown by video projection without subtitles. 90 min. (Society for Arts, 9:00)


Love and Basketball

Jaroslaw Zamojda directed this feature about a rich lawyer in Warsaw. 100 min. (Copernicus Center, 6:30)

Money Is Not Everything

A middle-aged wine maker faces static from his partner and his customers when he decides to quit the business and study philosophy. Juliusz Machulski directed; with Marek Kondrat. To be shown without subtitles. 107 min. (Copernicus Center, 9:00)


Money Is Not Everything

See listing for Saturday, March 17. (Copernicus Center, 5:45)

Love and Basketball

See listing for Saturday, March 17. (Copernicus Center, 8:00)


Short documentaries, program one

Maria Zmarz-Koczanowicz’s Night With the General is about General Wojciech Jaruzelski’s declaration of martial law in December 1981; Andrzej Titkow’s Like Jacek is a personal profile of presidential candidate Jacek Kuron. To be shown by video projection without subtitles. 97 min. (Society for Arts, 8:30)


Short documentaries, program two

In The Way My Uncles Lived, Krzysztof Magowski examines the lifestyle of his two uncles between the world wars; in The Poster Girl, Ewa Pieta profiles Magdalena Figur, who became a postwar icon after appearing on a socialist propaganda poster; and in the unsubtitled Cross Your Fingers for Us, Andrzej Piotrowski and Kuba Luczkiewicz follow a sailing crew through a regatta. On the same program, Luczkiewicz’s The Second Unveiling of Boguslaw L. To be shown by video projection. 102 min. (Society for Arts, 8:30)


Short documentaries, program three

Ewa Borzecka’s Men’s and Women’s Things examines love relationships among the elderly; in Krystian Przysiecki’s Do You Remember, Girls? young women recall their girlhood during the nationwide strikes of 1981. To be shown by video projection without subtitles. 90 min. (Society for Arts, 8:30)


Short documentaries, program four

In Such Is My Karma, Grzegorz Pacek profiles children of poverty in Warsaw; in The Possessed, Slawomir Smoczynski looks at a woman who suffered from demonic possession after joining a cult; and in House Between Dreams, Tadeusz Palka visits a palace that now serves as a mental institution. To be shown by video projection. 85 min. (Society for Arts, 8:30)