Ponytail are so distinctive that any attempt to describe what they sound like winds up coming off like a half insult. For instance, you might want to say that singer Molly Siegel sounds like both a cat and a dog, or that Ken Seeno and Dustin Wong’s guitar parts are like a hybrid of riffs from Yes’s Fragile and Led Zeppelin II with extreme finger-tapping tossed in–except, you know, more punk. Ponytail are something special, a virtuosic, art-damaged, (and OK, one more) Deerhoof-ish four-piece, capable of biting the Simpsons theme and turning it into a squeaky, tempestuous supersolo. Their debut, Kamehameha (Creative Capitalism), was one of the best surprises of 2006 (not to mention one of the best packaged releases of the year), and further evidence–along with releases from fun, doin’-it-their-own-way bands like Lexie Mountain, Lo Moda, and Sand Cats–that Baltimore is weirdo central. The Great Sea Serpents headline and Tim Kinsella & Amy Cargill open. a 8 PM, Ronny’s, 2101 N. California, 773-235-6591, $6.