Clint Sheffer’s new play for Bruised Orange Theater Company resembles work by Edward Albee and David Mamet. But Sheffer creates something original in this witty piece about two men connecting through their mutual obsession with an unseen woman. Their fantasies about her are the baggage they have to carry around–the biblical name Amos means “burden bearer.” Sheffer plays the nerdier of the two characters and Andy Schoen the other man, an artist. Both are skilled at conveying the intertwining of fear and pleasure when men form friendships–or when anyone establishes a relationship that’s real instead of imagined. Mary Foster takes a light hand and a fast pace in her directorial debut, and the 40-seat space enhances the immediacy of a smart, painful, funny evening. Through 9/25: Thu-Sun 8 PM. Oracle Productions, 3809 N. Broadway, 773-329-1088. $15; two for one Sun 9/11; industry night Thu 9/22.