More than 170 booksellers will have displays on South Dearborn between Congress and Polk for the 17th annual Printers Row Book Fair, which features dozens of readings, performances, and panel discussions (and coincides with BookExpo America, the book industry’s annual trade show). Many of the booksellers will host their own author appearances as well. The fair runs Saturday and Sunday, June 2 and 3, 10 AM to 6 PM. Events will be held at the Burnham Reading Room, Printers Row Hyatt, 500 S. Dearborn; Dearborn Station, 47 W. Polk; Grace Place, 637 S. Dearborn; the Children’s Tent, northwest corner of Polk and Dearborn; the Poetry Tent, Polk and Clark; the Reading Tent, northeast corner of Polk and Dearborn; and the Main Stage, 700 S. Dearborn. All events are free. Call 312-987-9896 or see for more information.

Saturday, June 2

Children’s Parade

Storybook characters and a marching band. (10 AM, Main Stage to Children’s Tent)

Jack Scott

Musical performance. (10 AM, Main Stage)

Gwen Hillary

Storytelling. (10:30 AM, Children’s Tent)

“A Kiss Is Still a Kiss”

Whitney Scott, editor of this anthology from the Outrider Press of Crete, Illinois, emcees a series of readings from its contributors. (10:30 AM, Burnham Reading Room)

Ruth Boling

Reading by the author of the children’s book Come Worship With Me: A Journey Through the Church. (11 AM, Children’s Tent)

“Career Paths in Publishing”

Panel discussion with David Hayes of Ferguson Publishing and writers Laurie Casey, Laura Johnston, and Hilary Marsh. Moderated by literary agent Amy Cook. (11 AM, Dearborn Station)

Kate DiCamillo

The Newbery honoree reads from her children’s book The Tiger Rising. (11 AM, Reading Tent)

Literary Trivia Tournament

Who knows the most about Chicago literary history? Round one: River Oak Arts vs. Columbia College English department. (11 AM, Main Stage)

Open Mike

Hosted by the Guild Complex. (11 AM, Poetry Tent)

August Wilson

Opening address by the Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright, recipient of this year’s Harold Washington Literary Award. (11 AM, Dearborn Station)

Kucha Brownlee

Storytelling. (11:30 AM, Children’s Tent)

“Calling All Book Clubs”

Editors and book reviewers give their picks for summer reading. (noon, Grace Place)

Andre Dubus III and Colm Toibin

Dubus reads from House of Sand and Fog; Toibin from The Blackwater Lightship. (noon, Dearborn Station)

Velma Gladney

Storytelling. (noon, Children’s Tent)

Sylvia Ipaguirre

The Argentine novelist reads from Tierra del Fuego. (noon, Readers Tent)

Journal of Ordinary Thought

Readings by contributors to the local Neighborhood Writing Alliance publication. (noon, Poetry Tent)

Radio Play

The Go Cougars! theater company performs Joe Meno’s The Flying Saucers Are Among Us. (noon, Main Stage)

Mark Kater

Storytelling. (12:30 PM, Children’s Tent)

Lynn Clayton

Storytelling. (1 PM, Children’s Tent)

“From Improv to Script: Writing at the Second City”

Panel discussion with Kim Clark, director of the writing program at the Second City Training Center; screenwriter and actor Tim Kazurinsky; and Sheldon Patinkin, former director and current artistic consultant for the theater. Moderated by critic Chris Jones. (1 PM, Main Stage)

Lambda Literary Award Finalists

Readings by Karleen Pendleton Jimenez, Christopher Rice, Lawrence Schimel, James Spada, and Therese Szymanski. (1 PM, Grace Place)

Arnost Lustig

The Czech author and screenwriter reads from The House of Returned Echoes and The Bitter Smell of Almonds and discusses his career. (1 PM, Dearborn Station)

Gerald Nicosia

The journalist reads from Home to War: A History of the Vietnam Veterans’ Movement. (1 PM, Poetry Tent)

“On-Line Literary Communities”

Panel discussion with E-poets network founder Kurt Heintz, “hyperfiction” writer Jason Pettus, and Kim Soenen of (1 PM, Dearborn Station)

Tom Corcoran and Steve Monroe

Corcoran reads from Bone Island Mambo; Monroe from Chicago ’57. (1:30 PM, Reading Tent)

Elyne Handler

Storytelling. (1:30 PM, Children’s Tent)

Paula Kamen

The journalist-playwright discusses Her Way: Young Women Remake the Sexual Revolution. (1:30 PM, Burnham Reading Room)

Young Chicago Authors

City high school students read their poetry and prose. (1:30 PM, Poetry Tent)

Denise Chavez and Dagoberto Gilb

Chavez reads from Loving Pedro Infante; Gilb from Woodcuts of Women. (2 PM, Dearborn Station)

Judith Heineman

Storytelling. (2 PM, Children’s Tent)

David Hernandez & Street Sounds

Poetry with music. (2 PM, Main Stage)

Louise Blum and Dalton Conley

Blum (You’re Not From Around Here, Are You?) and Conley (Honky) read from and

discuss their “outsider” works. (2:30 PM, Reading Tent)

“Czech Literature in America”

Panel discussion with Czech writer Arnost Lustig and translators Dagmar Herrmann, Zenny Sadlon, and Mike Joyce. (2:30 PM, Grace Place)

Sara Blake and Robert Morgan

Blake reads from Grange House; Morgan from Gap Creek. (3 PM, Dearborn Station)

“Hobohemia: Soapboxer Poets in 1920s and ’30s Chicago”

Panel discussion with Carlos Cortez, Anne Olson, Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont, and Ron Sakolsky. Moderated by Jennifer Bean. (3 PM, Burnham Reading Room)

Literary Trivia Tournament

Who knows the most about Chicago’s literary history? Round two: Guild Complex vs. Society of Midland Authors. (3 PM, Main Stage)

Taylor Moore

Storytelling by the 11-year-old student at Scott Joplin School. (3 PM, Children’s Tent)

River Oak Arts Presents . . .

Readings by Carol Kanter, Jan English Leary, Deborah Nodler Rosen, and Lynn L. Sloan. (3 PM, Poetry Tent)

“Boys’ Life: Music and Magazines Make the Man”

Panel discussion with musician-writer Thomas Beller, New Yorker editor Ben Greenman, and novelist Tony Earley (Jim the Boy). (3:30 PM, Reading Tent)

Kimberlee Burt

Storytelling. (3:30 PM, Children’s Tent)

“Dreams and Disillusion: Karel Teige and the Czech Avant-Garde”

Smart Museum of Art senior curator Richard Born talks about Czech artist Teige. (3:45 PM, Grace Place)

Open Mike

Presented by River Oak Arts. (4:30 PM, Poetry Tent)

Sunday, June 3

Anne Shimojima

Storytelling. (10:30 AM, Children’s Tent)

Ray Bradbury

The legendary sci-fi author (The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451) converses with local writer Sam Weller. (11 AM, Dearborn Station)

Joel Frankel

Musical variety show. (11 AM, Children’s Tent)

Jack Scott

Musical performance. (11 AM, Main Stage)

Denise Berry-Hanna

Storytelling. (11:30 AM, Children’s Tent)

Elinor Lipman and Jill McCorkle

Lipman reads from The Ladies’ Man; McCorkle from Creatures of Habit. (11:30 AM, Reading Tent)

Jessica Carlton

Storytelling. (noon, Children’s Tent)

Marianne Forrest

A discussion of Leon Forrest’s posthumously published novel, Meteor in the Madhouse, is led by his wife. (noon, Main Stage)

Gina Gallo

The former Chicago cop reads from her memoir, Armed and Dangerous. (noon, Burnham Reading Room)

Elizabeth Taylor and Studs Terkel

“Chicago Stories”: Taylor and Terkel share their favorite anecdotes about the city. (12:15 PM, Main Stage)

Oba William King

Storytelling. (12:20 PM, Children’s Tent)

Rosellen Brown and Josh Weiner

Brown reads from Half a Heart; Weiner from The World’s Room. (12:30 PM, Reading Tent)

After Hours

Readings by E. Donald Two-Rivers and other contributors to the journal. (1 PM, Poetry Tent)

Delores and Rosalyn Jordan

Michael’s mom and sister read from Salt in His Shoes: Michael Jordan in Pursuit of a Dream. (1 PM, Children’s Tent)

Young Authors Award Ceremony

Children’s author Marlene Targ Brill keynotes. (1 PM, Main Stage)

Denise Berry-Hanna

Storytelling. (1:30 PM, Children’s Tent)

David Haynes and Gail Tsukiyama

Haynes reads from All American Dream Dolls; Tsukiyama from The Language of Threads. (1:30 PM, Dearborn Station)

Frederick Pohl

The prolific sci-fi author reads his work and discusses the evolution of the genre. (1:30 PM, Dearborn Station)

“Secrets of the Second World War”

Readings by Jack Kneece (The Ghost Army of World War II) and Lynn M. Homan and Thomas Reilly (Black Knights: The Story of the Tuskegee Airmen). (1:30 PM, Burnham Reading Room)

Joel Frankel

Musical variety show. (2 PM, Children’s Tent)

Literary Trivia Tournament

Who knows the most about Chicago literary history? Championship round. (2 PM, Main Stage)

Word Gourmet

Spoken-word performance. (2 PM, Poetry Tent)

Marlene Targ Brill

The children’s book author reads from Tooth Tales From Around the World. (2:30 PM, Children’s Tent)

Jeffery Renard Allen

The Chicago Tribune Heartland Prize winner reads from Rails Under My Back. (3 PM, Dearborn Station)

Elysabeth Ashe

Storytelling. (3 PM, Children’s Tent)

John Searles and Leslie Stella

Searles reads from Boy Still Missing; Stella from Fat Bald Jeff. (3 PM, Reading Tent)

Trinity Irish Dancers

Performance. (3 PM, Main Stage)

“Women in Fantasy”

Panel discussion with authors Jacqueline Carey (Kusheil’s Dart), Sara Douglas (The Wayfarer Redemption), and Juliet Marillier (Daughter of the Forest). (3 PM, Burnham Reading Room)

Jane’s Stories Press

Readings by midwestern women poets. (3:30 PM, Poetry Tent)

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Petra Ruzickova.