The Proclaimers (identical-twin Scottish nationalists Charlie and Craig Reid) said hello in 1987 with their knockout debut, This Is the Story–a riot of acoustic guitars and shakers and lusty oddball harmonies. Jettisoning all possible distractions immediately established these guys as confident, stubbornly forthright buskers anxious to be understood in a world forever misled by bullshit veneer (in “Throw the ‘R’ Away” a young Scot finds his accent a handicap in trying to romance a prejudiced English girl). Much smarter and funnier than most British rockers who try this sort of thing, the Reid brothers return this year with their first U.S. tour and Sunshine on Leith, which leaves behind some of the whooping and hollering and Lonnie Donegan skifflishness of the first record in favor of a vaguely C and W mood, which sits well with their naive earnestness. The addition of a band makes them sound a smidgen less distinctive, but also opens up a much wider palette of moods for them to explore with their strong, uncluttered songcraft. Tonight, 11 PM, Cabaret Metro, 3730 N. Clark; 549-0203.