The Fourth Watch (2000) is the finest movie to date by puppet artist and filmmaker Janie Geiser. Silent-movie actors filmed off a video monitor are superimposed on the interior of a dollhouse, their flickering images so expertly fused with the miniature rooms’ bright, solid colors that their ominous presence in these fragile spaces evokes both the power of theater and the lost world of silent film. In Nadja, Brian Frye presents in color negative the image of a woman that film labs use as a test, unexpectedly humanizing the anonymous model so that she seems to speak to the viewer. The intensely hypnotic Angel Beach was created from stereoscopic photographs of people on the beach circa 1970. Filmmaker Scott Stark intercuts the stereo images so rapidly that objects appear to vibrate around a static point; in one scene a woman’s breasts jiggle with a suggestiveness that trumps any porn film. On the same program: films by Louise Bourque, Diane Kitchen, Vanessa O’Neill, Ian Toews, Brandon Doherty, and Joost Rekveld. 92 min. Cinema Borealis, Sunday, September 16, 7:00.