The Brooklyn label Social Registry may owe most of its cachet to the ink spilled over Gang Gang Dance (not to mention some blogger WTF over Jah Division, a dubbed-out tribute to Joy Division), but the real gem on its fast-growing roster of fine narco rock is Psychic Ills. Dins, the band’s 2004 full-length debut, was a visceral, bull-by-the-horns entropy mission that could’ve been some lost Doors session that Jim Morrison missed but Ron Asheton made: two sides of inspired space rock that nose-dived from the asteroid belt into the earth’s core, never fading in intensity even in its “mellow” moments. Their newest release, Early Violence, collects the band’s two Mental Violence EPs, a cut from a Galactic Zoo Dossier comp, a previously unreleased recording, and a hidden sonic postscript. Overall it doesn’t have the smeary continuity of Dins, and the tunes suffer from low fidelity, but the atmospherics are varied and compelling. Plus, it’s keen to have a promising band’s out-of-print material in one handy package. –J. Niimi

Indian Jewelry haven’t stayed in one place for too long since they left Texas a couple years ago, back when they were known alternately as NTX, Corpses of Waco, Turquoise Diamonds, and Swarm of Angels. And though they recently transplanted themselves to Chicago, they seem to permanently inhabit a sensual, raw netherworld where curls of smoke drift before your eyes. While not exactly goth, their sound is dark and sort of organically industrial, a soft, ritualistic dronecore conjured from yawning electronic noise, tumbleweed guitar, and disco beats. It’s a growling, prowling, synthetic powwow stomp, glamorous in every sense of the word, but you won’t need a sage or a sigil to figure it out. This is tantric, orgasmic, blood-warming, bone-rattling music, and I’d give my firstborn to join their cult. –Liz Armstrong

Psychic Ills headline, Indian Jewelry plays second, Grimble Grumble opens, and the Plastic Crimewave DJs spin throughout the night. a 10 PM, Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, 773-525-2508, $10, $8 in advance.