Watching Jami Primmer’s one-woman show is like waiting at a long red light: while stuck, you can glance over a cross-section of the city and think, but ultimately you’re anxious to move on. Her 12 characters–among them a street sweeper, a retiree, a prostitute, and even a buzzing fly–lack definition, and though Primmer shifts physically and vocally with each one, since they all have similar vocabularies, they all sound the same. Though they’re denizens of Humboldt Park, there’s little specificity of place. Mark Siska’s video installation adds interest to this Psymptom Productions show but sometimes distracts from or contradicts the text. Primmer’s look at urban isolation is sporadically poetic and funny but never quite connects. –Jenn Goddu a Through 2/2: Wed-Fri 8 PM, Sun 5 PM, no show Thu-Fri 1/11-1/12, Cornservatory, 4210 N. Lincoln, 773-635-0555, $8-$15.