George Bernard Shaw’s play has serious points to make about class, morality, and marriage, but it’s also lots of fun, especially in ShawChicago’s vibrant, vigorously paced staged reading, directed by Robert Scogin. Reading from scripts on music stands, the nine cast members dynamically demonstrate all that can be accomplished with vocal inflections and facial expressions (and slight suggestions of costumes). Linda Gillum as Eliza Doolittle makes an affecting transformation, while Terence Gallagher’s hubristic Henry Higgins never does change. Tony Dobrowolski as Alfred Doolittle and Belinda Bremner as Higgins’s housekeeper deserve every laugh they get, and Michael McAlister’s good-natured Colonel Pickering is also winning. Through 11/29: Sat-Sun 2 PM, Mon 7 PM. Chicago Cultural Center, studio theater, 78 E. Washington (enter at 77 E. Randolph), 312-409-5605. Free