Ever see a street person whooping it up on the sidewalk, looking like he was dressed by magpies, and wonder for a second if he’s got it right and everything you know is wrong? That’s the feeling I get whenever I meet this industrious New Orleans couple. Quintron’s a man-child scalawag, cranking out dinky roller-rink ditties, haunted-castle overtures, rumbling Swamp Thing grooves, and revivalist gospel on his customized organ, howling like a Delta blues version of Steve Perry and accompanying himself with his patented Drum Buddy. Like a silk rose with glue-gun dewdrops, his latest release, the 12-inch EP Jam Skate (Rhinestone), is tawdry and campy but with deep feeling behind it. Onstage with Quintron, Miss Pussycat is an unbridled show pony, gleefully yelling her backups and whipping her maracas around like it’s the last thing she wants to do before she dies. She has her own act too–wholesome, weird, and hilarious puppet shows with animal characters who play instruments. About a hundred of her puppets will be on display together for the first time here, along with matching dresses she’s made for herself. Her movie Trixie & the Tree Trunks will screen before the music, at 8 PM, and she may also put on shows between sets. Only 100 tickets will be sold, all in advance, via reversibleeye.com/events.html. The Lord of the Yum-Yum and Brilliant Pebbles open. a 9 PM, Reversible Eye Gallery, 1103 N. California, 773-862-1232, $15. A –Liz Armstrong