Tantalus Theatre Group aims to bring the competitive, vain, lusty, conniving gods and goddesses of Norse mythology to life in this ensemble-written show. But despite 100 minutes of storytelling, song, dance, and improvised games, the effort fails. Directors Glen Cullen and Devin Brain and their cast are occasionally inventive at telling tales most American audiences won’t know well, but the narratives are often so unfocused we can’t follow them. The trickster Loki (annoyingly played by crude class clown Kevin Antonio Viol) vies with a dull Odin (Cory Conrad) for support in a series of interactive scenes with the audience that might be better suited to children’s theater; we never really care who wins. Ragnarok roughly translates as “twilight of the gods,” but this play’s world ends with a fizzle and we’re left wondering, is that it? Previews Thu 2/24, 8 PM. Free. Opens Fri 2/25, 8 PM. Through 3/19: Thu-Sat 8 PM. Holy Covenant United Methodist Church, sanctuary, 925 W. Diversey, 773-960-2066. $7-$10.