A winning evening by recent Northwestern grads, “The Piners Prom” marries a suite of loosely related dances to live renditions of Motown standards. The cozy gallery space has been outfitted with bleachers and a clutch of small evergreens, evoking a box social in a small mountain town with surprising success. The skilled, energetic performers–fetching in vintage-inspired white party dresses–don’t just dance. They also clap, sing, stomp their feet, yell, play tambourine, and, in two of the more high-concept numbers, help light the stage with miners’ headlamps. If the choreography gets a bit repetitive–it’s heavy on the drops, rolls, and blank movement games of college–the whole enterprise is infused with such exuberance it’s hard to care. Through 3/18: Fri-Sat 9 PM, Open End Gallery, 2000 W. Fulton, #310, 847-744-0181, $10.