Dress by Valentino at Neiman Marcus Credit: Photo by Colleen Durkin; Styling by Agga B. Raya; Props and set by Doug Johnston and Colleen Durkin

Sue Kwong,
South Loop

Seeking: men for intellectual, emotional growth and stimulation

Occupation: Reader graphic designer; I make invisible art.

Her friend says: “Relegating Sue’s beauty to a single quote rivals tweeting a summary of War and Peace.”

What do you do when you’re not working?

Cooking, kickboxing, sketching, conversing, and documenting dialogue.




I live with an anxious puppy called Moo.

Dietary restrictions?

Dietary restrictions are against my culture.


I wasn’t informed.


Chinese folk/religion-ambiguous.

What’s your idea of the perfect Chicago date?

At the risk of tooting our horn: I look for ideas on the Reader‘s Agenda Web page. I wouldn’t know the date is perfect until it’s over. Surprises are great; having fun and connecting is not dependent on the venue or activity.

What’s your preferred method for surviving a Chicago winter?

Dress accordingly—enough not to burden someone with complaints.

If HBO made a miniseries about your life, who would you cast for the lead role?

I’d be happy if they cast Lucy Liu.

Go-to karaoke song?

“I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan.

What do you find boring?

Stagnation; lack of curiosity about other cultures, lifestyles, characteristics, or interests.

Who would you kill if you could be guaranteed you’d never be caught?

Justin Bieber.

Credit: Photo by Colleen Durkin; Styling by Agga B. Raya; Props and set by Doug Johnston and Colleen Durkin

Please describe your understanding of cell-phone etiquette.

Unless the phone is aiding the dialogue, it should be put away and ignored.

What 2015 ephemera do you think you’ll be nostalgic about in 2035?

Movie and concert tickets, postcards, invitations, concert posters, business cards.

What contemporary trend or habit do you detest?

The overuse of the words awkward and literally.

Say you’re going to be interred like an Egyptian pharaoh. Who or what is in your burial chamber with you?

My bitcoins.

If you could only eat one type of sandwich for the rest of your life, what would you pick?

Tuna melt with slices of tomato and Havarti cheese on a toasted onion bagel.

What is your favorite curse word?


How long do you stay angry, and do you get loud or quiet?

Depending on the matter, I need time—perhaps a few days—to decide how to articulate or what to do.

Do you like to talk about a movie right after you’ve seen it?

Yes. In addition, I read the trivia on IMDB after a new movie.

What’s the biggest sacrifice you ever made for someone you care about?

You could say helping people is my second nature. Fortunately I have not been in a position where I had to do so at my own expense.

If you didn’t have to be yourself, who would you be?

Helena Bonham Carter.

Are you afraid of or excited to face the unknown?

Vulnerable and very excited. Louis CK once said that in the moment of panic of not knowing, it means you are about to figure it out. “You let go of what you know and you are about to grab onto a new thing that you didn’t know yet.”

Who is your intellectual idol?

Auteur David Fincher, Pentagram’s graphic designer Michael Bierut, or Batman from Batman: The Animated Series.

Do you have a personal mantra?

My good friend Brennan McDowell introduced this: Every day, I tell myself I am in control, and that I will get one thing that I want. Effective by simplicity.

Do you have any hidden skills and/or talents?

I am subconsciously hyperobservant of idiosyncrasies. I can do impressions pretty well. I am intimidating.

So, really, why are you single?

Single people call the shots.