Frump Tucker Theatre Company, at Famous Door Theatre.

Greg Nishimura is best known as the clueless director responsible for all those soporific original shows produced by his talentless company, North Avenue Productions (All My Parts Have Labels, Mo’ Better Blue Velvet). Now he has the honor of directing Frump Tucker Theatre’s inaugural show, a production of Craig Lucas’s flawed dark comedy Reckless. And what a production it is too, wow.

Lifeless, long, lousy, blandly acted, indifferently directed, utterly devoid of humor, pathos, or dramatic tension, this lamentable “comedy” is everything you’d expect from a company that thinks Frump Tucker is a good name for a theater. Nishimura and his all-thumbs cast–most of whom are members of Frump Tucker’s ensemble–fumble every major moment in this picaresque play about a wife fleeing her past. Even the wonderful black beginning–a regret-filled husband tells his bubbling, ditzy wife that he’s hired a contract killer to whack her–goes down the tubes when Frump Tucker’s artistic director Johannes Marlena, playing the husband, delivers the kind of flat, bogus, forced performance that would be embarrassing in a high school production.

Only Greg Nishimura would cast a man who can’t cry onstage in a role that demands that he burst into tears five minutes into the play.