It’s hard to think of a more moribund, cliche-ridden style than blues rock, but Red Red Meat breathe new life into the corpse by putting it to sleep. The quintet builds on then undermines genre staples, like heartbroken singing, lazy slide guitars, and great chugging riffs like the Stones wish they still wrote. Bandleader Tim Rutili’s lyrics are full of non sequiturs, and the riffs flirt unpredictably with entropic collapse. Their last album, Bunny Gets Paid, is the band’s best yet. Its rocking tunes are especially together and propulsive, while the slow ones achieve a Zen-like stasis. What makes Red Red Meat compelling live is seeing how they get out of the holes they dig for themselves–they’re the last ones to know how they’re going to get a song from point A to point B. This show is special for a couple of reasons: it’s their last for a long time (they’re set to work on a new album), and they’re going to be joined by Eleventh Dream Day’s terrific guitarist Rick Rizzo, whose volatile lead playing will introduce another wild card into an already unpredictable deck. Nectarine open. Saturday, 10 PM, Lounge Ax, 2438 N. Lincoln; 525-6620. BILL MEYER