What happens when the parents are the ones who run away from home? In Jessica Goldberg’s play, a young woman becomes resigned to caring for her ill-tempered invalid brother and thrill-seeking little sister, though their household is chaotic. Then she meets a likewise rootless boarder who awakens the possibility of nuclear-family stability. The story, told in a bare 80 minutes, relies heavily on the actors’ interpretation to lend its abrupt resolution credibility, and the opening-night performances fell slightly short of the necessary subtextual amplification. But under the savvy direction of Susan Padveen for Shabam! Productions, the players need only to relax into their roles to believably embody the play-wright’s optimistic promise of sanctuary for innocent castaways. –Mary Shen Barnidge (See separate listings for Skin and Resident Alien.) a Through 9/2: Fri 10:30 PM, Sat-Sun 4 PM. Then 9/7-9/8: Fri 7:30 PM, Sat 8 PM. EP Theater, 1820 S. Halsted, shabamproductions@gmail.com $7.50-$15, $30 for festival pass good for any three shows.