The premise of Kat Leahy’s bloated new play is that the American public can’t discern the real world from TV shenanigans. When dim, well-intentioned soap-opera star Tate Baker runs for the Senate, he discovers that neither the voters nor, eventually, his own wife and campaign team can distinguish him from his on-screen alter ego. Despite funny satirical and farcical moments, Leahy’s script is short on insight, and as the confusion of television with reality grows increasingly extreme, her message just gets old. At times entertaining, this debut Speech Impediment Theatre Co. show is uneven: director Lauren Ludwig can’t pull all the play’s comic complications together, and we see the cast’s potential only in spurts. A show with this premise could and should have accomplished much more. Through 5/29: Thu-Sat 8 PM, Sun 2 PM. Profiles Theatre, 4147 N. Broadway, 773-525-5050. $10-$15.