Both the title and the witty, urbane narration delivered by Alexandra Stewart are quintessential Chris Marker, yet this 42-minute essay (2001) about the work of photographer Denise Bellon is in fact a collaboration between Marker and Bellon’s son Yannick, a director in his own right who has been making films since 1947. Most of the Denise Bellon photography on-screen comes from France in the late 30s, and the sense of history is as sharp and inflected with literary irony as in Marker’s other films. Also on the program as a perfect companion piece is his best-known work, La jetee (1962), a contemplative 27-minute postapocalyptic fiction told almost exclusively in still photographs. Remembrance will be projected from Beta SP video; La jetee, in French with subtitles, will be screened in a new 35-millimeter print. Gene Siskel Film Center.