Entertaining angels unawares–or, more often nowadays, intergalactic explorers–is a frequent literary theme. Playwright Stuart Spencer creates a variation on it with this innocuous domestic comedy about a lower-echelon alien who jumps spaceship and lands in rural northern Wisconsin, where he becomes embroiled in his hosts’ marital problems. Under Brea Hayes’s direction for Shabam! Productions, a youthful ensemble–led by Behzad Dabu as the charming green-skinned bachelor hero–does what it can with the sitcom-ish material. But what sparks any bona fide emotional involvement is Joe Anello’s incisively selected score: with a little assistance from Beethoven, even literally star-crossed lovers can find a happy ending. –Mary Shen Barnidge (See separate listings for Skin and Refuge.) a Sun 9/2, 8 PM. Then 9/7-9/9: Fri 10:30 PM; Sat 4 PM, Sun 7 PM. EP Theater, 1820 S. Halsted, shabamproductions@gmail.com, $7.50-$15, $30 for festival pass good for any three shows.