The Curious Theatre Branch’s 15th annual showcase of experimental theater, performance, and music from Chicago’s fringe runs through 11/20 at the Curious

Theatre Branch, 7001 N. Glenwood. Admission is $12 or “pay what you can”; for information and reservations, call 773-274-6660. Following is the schedule through 9/27; a complete schedule is available online at


Cant and White Suit Science

Jenny Magnus’s solo performance Cant is described as “a new meditation on inclines and their slants when it comes to comfort, responsibility, and the terror of love.” (Reviewed this week in Section One.) Why did Mark Twain wear a white suit out of season? That’s the question posed by writer-director Shawn Reddy in his comedy White Suit Science. 7 PM

Standards and Fake Standards

Song stylings by Jenny Magnus and Joe Tech. 9 PM


White Suit Science

See listing for Fri 9/24. 7 PM

The Authentics

Paula Gilovich penned and codirected this dark comedy about an airplane crash survivor. (Reviewed this week in Section One.) 9 PM


Under Milk Wood

Dylan Thomas’s verse comedy explores the waking and dreaming lives of the inhabitants of a Welsh fishing village called Llareggub (that’s bugger all spelled backward). 7 PM


The Big Promise

Bryn Magnus reads from his new novel about a self-pitying, antisocial fringe playwright’s attempt to redeem himself in the eyes of his teenage son. 7 PM