Tuscan Rift Credit: Cheryl Mann

If I say “psychological,” you might think “contemplative.” But Forbidden Boundaries, a new work about “being your own worst enemy” by RNCDC artistic director Frank Chaves, is anything but. Fierce battles for control dominate this piece for 12, which consists mostly of duets in which one dancer embodies an aspect of the psyche that holds another back. Old habits of mind are represented by loose, sheer shirts—sometimes partly stripped off to bind the arms, giving Forbidden Boundaries an odd but powerful sexiness. Founding co-artistic director Sherry Zunker contributes Evolution of a Dream, a revision of her 1992 hit Reality of a Dreamer, in celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary. The original piece was set to the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”; this version uses a more ethereal version of the same song by Dave Stewart & His Rock Fabulous Orchestra, and the dancers even look like angels at times. Monique Haley’s Uhuru and Chaves’s Sentir em Nos, Tuscan Rift, Beat, and Habaneras, the Music of Cuba round out the program.