The whole trouble with this two-man sketch comedy show is the venue. It needs a more intimate environment, like a basement rec room. The stuff Mike Foster and Josh Zagoren do might seem funnier in a context involving chips, beer, a few friends, beanbag chairs, and the four-disc Star Wars box set. Bits like Zagoren’s mime to the Green Day song “Good Riddance” would have a giggly charm. And the one where Boba Fett writes a letter home from summer camp would make the guys spray dip out their noses. As it is, though, the show comes across as a compendium of the ill conceived, the trickled out, the sloppy, and the incomprehensible. The upside: Zagoren, who has an expressive face that makes him fun to watch and suggests a future in which he does something other than mug. Through 9/7: Wed 10:30 PM. $5-$10. Playground Theater, 3209 N. Halsted, 773-871-3793.