In the best of Robert Schultz’s 14 pencil drawings at Printworks the models’ faces aren’t visible. Randall Reflecting II shows a nude sitting with his knees up, head nestled between his arms. With no facial expression to study, the viewer is drawn to the exquisitely precise rendering of anatomical detail–we can almost feel the different layers of skin, veins, and muscles of a foot. Schultz clearly takes pleasure in delineating the physical world, and that’s alluring. The nude in Meditation lies facing away from us, his back divided into liquid pools of light, the floorboards as finely detailed as his skin. There’s no figure in Portrait of a Black Chair, but the work clothes draped over the chair evoke a human presence–as does the shadow of a figure on the wall behind the chair. An imagined person suddenly becomes more powerful than a close-up of a face. Printworks, 311 W. Superior, suite 105, through May 29. Hours are 11 to 5 Tuesday through Saturday; 312-664-9407.