“Science, mutation, magic, and gadgets” make up the working arsenal of the superhero pantheon, according to Dan Telfer’s toothsomely goofy new late-night show, and variants of all of those are on display in the octet of unlikely crime fighters that make up the Rogue 8. The audience gets to vote (via handheld keypads) at crucial intervals on who will save the day. Like the legendary Organic sci-fi opus Warp!, Rogue 8 is designed as a serial, with new episodes unfolding every month. Director Telfer has assembled a delightfully off-kilter cast, especially Amanda Lanier as a cigar-smoking ass kicker, Tilt, whose talent is making people puke on contact. The concept may be a rip-off of the 1999 film Mystery Men, but the execution is so charming it hardly matters. Through 8/12: Fri-Sat 11 PM, Rogue Theater Company, 5123 N. Clark, 773-561-5893, $8.