This risque musical parody of the beloved animated children’s TV special takes the show’s moral–that misfits are valuable–and turns it into the lesson that being normal isn’t normal. Rudolph (Brannen Daugherty) is a cross-dresser, his girlfriend (Melissa Pond) is a perky riot grrrl, and Herbie (Adam Keune), who wants to be a dentist, is just not out enough for his fey fellow elves. David Cerda’s script pokes pointed fun at the way gays and straights alike try to make people fit into niches and occasionally makes a swipe at political commentary: one of the misfit toys is an actor wearing an empty box labeled “WMD play set.” At times, however, the arch humor seems strained, though it’s relieved by Lori Lee’s genuinely funny performance as lobotomized lesbian Yukon Cornelia. Through 12/31: Thu-Sat 8 PM. No show Fri-Sat 12/24-12/25. Loop Theater, 8 E. Randolph, 312-744-5667. $10-$15; $30 Fri 12/31 (includes postshow “gala”).