Sabine Fabie brought a bright flash to Chicago in the five years she performed here, through her partnership with Mark Schulze and with Loop Troop. But the frantic pace and the relentless search for new ideas that are part of a performer’s life became too much and she burned out. After a divorce, Fabie moved to New York and became a Starbucks barista. But she didn’t find a place in the dance world there and started traveling–through the United States, Mexico, and Europe–ending up at her parents’ home in Vienna. During her travels, when she was in some absolutely isolated place–a desert, a beach–she’d dance for herself. The dance that came out was filled with circular gestures and playful movements of her fists and fingers. Fabie has tried to fix the dance in set choreography for a year and a half–she’d like to make a two-part piece, the first half a solo for herself and the second an ensemble work–but she says “it hasn’t allowed me to choreograph it.” She returns to Chicago to present the solo portion in a semi-improvised performance, From the Underside of My Belly. It will be a very short concert, consisting only of the 15-minute solo, which Fabie will accompany with her own reading of Gunther Kaip’s story “The Kiss” and music by Arvo Part. For Fabie the dance is another being, sentient and sometimes more powerful than she is, that guards the door to her rejuvenation; this performance will be another encounter with it. Friday and Saturday at 8:30 at Link’s Hall, 3435 N. Sheffield; $12. Call 773-281-0824 for tickets and information, including information about the workshop she’ll be giving Saturday. –Terry Brennan