The centerpiece of Sabrina Raaf’s installations and photos at Klein Art Works, Searchstoretrash, is an engaging reminder that art can also be fun. The viewer sits in a chair facing a monitor and holding a remote control that moves a tiny vehicle with a video camera along an elaborate 150-foot roadway that loops along one wall of the gallery. The vehicle’s journey is tracked on the monitor–a goofy mix of low and high tech that’s mirrored in other works. In Another Soft Landing a separate looping track meets the wall, then continues as a drawing–a reference to the illusory nature of art making. In the photograpic diptych Suburban Particle.1 a woman floats in a bathroom as if she’s conquered gravity, and in the photo Suck, Spin, Weave a man who appears to have devolved into a spider uses a machine to collect his belly-button lint and spin it into a web to catch the women in the adjacent photo, Twice Caught. These other works helped me see that the technical imperfections of Searchstoretrash–the video reception can be poor, the vehicle’s treads can come off–offer an implied critique of virtual worlds, which may be why I preferred maneuvering the little car while watching the roadway rather than the monitor. Klein Art Works, 400 N. Morgan, through October 17. Hours are 10 to 5:30 Tuesday through Saturday; 312-243-0400.