Sammy Dee and fellow producer/DJ Zip are Pantytec, the German duo whose Perlon label has been behind some of the best club records of the past couple years. Perlon specializes in “microhouse,” a style (its name coined by the Wire, natch) that combines the minimalist crinkle-crackle of artists like Oval and the voluptuous warmth of Chicago house in a spacious, slinky sound that’s both severe and inviting. Three of Pantytec’s tracks made it onto last year’s superb Superlongevity, a mixed double-CD label showcase: “You Are So 99,” loaded with cut-up vocal phrases and frisky snare a la Herbert or Todd Edwards; “Instant Orient,” which floats bits of what sounds like thumb piano, water-glass tones run through a phaser, and an abbreviated female moan past a deep foregrounded bass groove; and the aptly titled “Doubledip Uuh…,” whose liquefied low end and male and female moans give context to the catchphrase “Dip-dip-dip-dip-diiiip.” The duo’s first full-length, Pony Slaystation, continues in much the same vein: “Micromission” marks its pitter-patter beats and droplets of bass with a blurry choral vocal sample; “Elastobabe (Crackhouse Dub)” slides dozens of little details–crowd noise, stick percussion, half a dozen vocal snippets–into and out of focus. And “Candy Coated Conspiracy” moves among about five different grooves, all of them based on glowing subsonic bass pulses. On a home stereo or headphones, this stuff is gorgeous; on a big system, it can be overpoweringly sensual. Sunday, September 8, 9 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western; 773-276-3600.