Henry Godinez–long respected as a performer, equally at home in comic and serious roles–has come into his own as a director. He proved last fall at the Goodman Studio, with his intelligent take on Jose Rivera’s glorious play Cloud Tectonics, that he could maneuver through a complex work without sacrificing the transcendental beauty of its magical realism. Now, Godinez shows he’s equally at home with Octavio Solis’s exquisite realistic drama Santos & Santos. Centered around a morally ambivalent Mexican-American law firm that subsidizes its well-meaning political battles with drug money, the play concerns a squeaky-clean Santos brother who, thinking he’s doing good, brings tragedy on his family. In less certain hands this play–which features enough killings and random acts of violence to make a good movie of the week–could easily have devolved into melodrama. But under Godinez’s expert direction for Teatro Vista, Santos & Santos becomes a rich, multilayered meditation on the nature of good, evil, and the many shades of gray in between. Godinez is aided by an ensemble led by three fine actors–John Carlos Seda, Anthony Diaz-Perez, and Edward F. Torres–who play the Santos brothers with remarkable sensitivity, intelligence, and power. Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum, 1852 W. 19th, 738-1503. Through June 2: Thursdays-Sundays, 7 PM. $12. –Jack Helbig