Angela Kariotis could probably light up a small city with her raw energy, but it’s her sly and engaging use of language that makes her work memorable. She zestfully deconstructed the word ghetto in her previous solo show, Reminiscence of the Ghetto and Other Things That Raized Me, a freewheeling examination of her youth in the blue-collar environs of Irvington, New Jersey. Now Kariotis, the daughter of Greek immigrants, digs deeper into her roots with Say Logos/Say Word, in which she combines the Greeks of antiquity (Aristotle and Aristophanes) with those of pop culture (Zorba) and her own family. There aren’t too many white women working in hip-hop theater, but Kariotis should be counted as one of its foremost practitioners. Here she presents a one-act solo version of what will eventually be a full-length ensemble piece. Sat 7/22, 7:30 PM, Hellenic Museum and Cultural Center, 801 W. Adams, 312-655-1234, $15, $10 students.