A sense of romance is conspicuously absent from the slick, sloppy, or analytical work that seems to make up most of the art shown in Chicago today. For those with a secret longing for subtlety and warmth, however, this evening of visual art and performance by fantastical, visionary queer artists is not to be missed. Taking place in a lovely unrehabbed Wicker Park house, the program features Winnipeg artist Daniel Barrow, whose performances and exhibits at Three Walls in spring 2004 felt like a wondrous breath of perfumed air from a quarantined Victorian bedchamber. In a unique process he calls live animation he manipulates images on a transparency projector to accompany a narrative he’s written, recorded, and set to music. He’ll be performing The Face of Everything, a semifictional tale based on Liberace’s romantic history; Catalogue of the Original, based on trading cards about charming tragic characters; and an excerpt from his newest piece, Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry, which he describes as “the interior dialogue of a bitter and jaded garbageman/failed artist.” Also on the bill is trained opera singer Dewayne Slightweight, whose art resembles Barrow’s in its nostalgia and delicacy, though his approach is more spontaneous and outgoing. Slightweight’s performance is tied to a screen-printed book and a music CD, Your Burrow Runs Deeper Than Your Blade, which he’ll be giving away. There will also be artwork by Edie Fake, creator of the beautiful and strange wordless comic book Gaylord Phoenix, and Math Bass (half of the duo Marriage), whose dazzling video and performance were shown earlier this year at Around the Coyote Gallery as part of “Macerate.” Fri 11/4, 7-11 PM. The Mansion, 1417 N. Hoyne, 347-439-1707. $5 suggested donation.