North Park College marks the start of its centennial–and the tenth birthday of its chamber music series–with a brass concert that pays tribute to its Scandinavian roots. The tribute is singularly apt since brass, more than any other family of musical instruments, has been a force in Scandinavian music since the days of the Vikings, when wailing horn calls–the Viking battle cry–instilled terror in the populace along the North Sea coasts; I’m told bronze trumpets dating back to 1200 BC have been found in archaeological digs in Sweden. For this occasion, the Scandinavian Brass Quintet has compiled (and transcribed) eight substantial pieces–by Andreas Duben and Trygve Madsen, among others–that show the range of the Scandinavian brass tradition from the early Renaissance to the present day. The quintet’s members are all estimable instrumentalists who hold principal chairs in various Swedish orchestras, and trombonist Ingemar Roos claims a Chicago connection, having been a member of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and an apprentice with the Chicago Symphony’s Jay Friedman in the early 70s. Tonight, 8:15 PM, lecture hall auditorium, North Park College, Foster and Kedzie; 583-2700, ext. 4300.