Hard to believe, but when this stage version of the kids’ educational TV series was first produced 12 years ago in Cafe Voltaire’s raggedy basement space, it seemed slightly parodic and subversive, in the same way The Real Live Brady Bunch did. But today, in a much tonier venue, Schoolhouse Rock Live! and its songs seem like just one more way to validate TV’s flashy style and shallow content. Yes, the stage show is bright and fun, and yes, the performers do a good job of looking like they’re enjoying themselves–even George Keating, who appeared in the original production. But as a bit of kids’ edutainment, it hardly seems an improvement on TV. And it’s way too lightweight for grown-ups. Through 12/31: Tue-Fri 10 AM, Sat-Sun 11 AM. Drury Lane Theatre Water Tower Place, 175 E. Chestnut, 312-642-2000. $9.