Paying tribute to the Bard and Bad Company, writer-director Billy Morrissette enfolds the Shakespeare illiterate in an embrace usually reserved for connoisseurs. In this comically persuasive fable about the origins of the fast-food industry, the McBeths–loving, lusting young marrieds frustrated in their dead-end jobs at a conventional diner in rural Pennsylvania–scheme to take over the restaurant and innovate. But after committing murder most foul, the couple (James LeGros and Maura Tierney) can’t allay the suspicions of offended coworker Kevin Corrigan or cagey detective Christopher Walken, nor can they quiet their own guilty consciences. Kitschy, clever expressionist sets, subtly marvelous 70s costumes, and an almost monolithic rock sound track enhance the meaty performances of actors who clearly appreciate the opportunity to riff on a classic–and promote vegetarianism. 102 min. Webster Place.