Berlin, 954 West Belmont: We were dancing our hearts out around the purple neon with B. Kamp, who was wearing orange polyester poppies, and a man named Dolores and another man who looked like Susan Sarandon and then we had a startling Euro experience when Karl began to sing a sad German song:

“Dieter mit lederhosen go dancen

mit Ulf en der nacht time.

Klaus comes en Berlin.

Dieter liebe Klaus and gedumpf Ulf.

Dieter und Klaus goes en auto.

Dieter sayen auf Klaus: “Verliebe dich en mich.’

Meanwhile Ulf dancen alone.

Ulf madden mit Dieter und Ulf sobben en bier.

Der men tryen cheer Ulf.

Den Ed comes en Berlin

and sayen auf Ulf: “Verliebe dich en mich.’

Ulf be OK now!

Acht Berlin!”

Two weeks hence: being cool at the Bop Shop

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): illustration/Tom Bachtell.