By the time Sebadoh finally disbanded in 2000, it seemed to have thoroughly run its course: nothing released in later years had the fertile, eccentric energy of Bubble and Scrape, much less Weed Forestin (which I’ve always misread as Weed Foreskin and probably always will). But Lou Barlow and Jason Loewenstein just don’t know how to quit each other, and by 2004 they were back at it again, an acoustic duo playing their greatest hits accompanied by a boom box. This time out, however, they’re bringing along original cornerstone Eric Gaffney, who hasn’t played with them since 1993, making this the only true reunion purists would recognize as such. They’re touring in support of the lush double-CD reissue of their glorious and sprawling 1991 masterpiece, Sebadoh III (Domino). Perhaps wisely, they aren’t airing any new material to interrupt the nostalgia trip. You Am I and the Bent Moustache open. a 9 PM, Metro, 3730 N. Clark, 773-549-0203 or 312-559-1212, $16, 18+.