SEEING RED, SNOW WHITE, AND BLUE: A Psychoanalytic MUSICAL, Rhino in Winter festival, at the Lunar Cabaret and Full Moon Cafe. As anyone who saw Wylie Goodman eight years ago in Jeff Dorchen’s The Slow and Painful Death of Sam Shepard knows, theater lost an inspired comic actress when she gave up the stage in the early 90s to become a psychologist. Several degrees later, she’s now a practicing therapist in Chicago. But you know what they say, once theater gets in your blood…

Goodman’s first professional appearance in Chicago since she left Theater Oobleck is an intelligently conceived, somewhat raggedly executed multimedia one-woman show intended to deconstruct Disney-fied fairy tales, audience attitudes toward cinematic fairy tales, and performance artists who try to deconstruct Disney-fied fairy tales and audience attitudes. The show’s ragged quality is a product of this effort: it’s hard to ruthlessly deconstruct preconceptions about art without creating a mess. Sampling freely from Disney films, Goodman intercuts the excerpts with videotaped interviews she conducted with women and girls, selections from the recent film version of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando, and her own intentionally mediocre torch singing.

A good comic anarchist with a marvelous dry sense of humor, Goodman leaves no sacred cow ungored. Even her forays into doctrinaire feminist theory are accomplished in a spirit of skepticism that makes this show the very antithesis of agitprop.

–Jack Helbig