Since stand-up in the United States is still dominated by hung up straight white guys slinging the same old dick shtick, it’s great to discover the trio of women who call themselves Sensible Footwear. Alex Dallas, Alison Field, and Wendy Vousden gleefully wade into waters most men (and carefully coiffed, soft-voiced stand-up babes like Rita Rudner) fear to tread. These expatriate Britgrrrls, now living in Canada, cheerfully discuss menstruation, yeast infections, and those unglamorous moments during sex when skin sticks to skin or that second helping of refried beans breaks the mood. Of course, local performers like Marcia Wilkie and the Sweat Dreams gang have crossed these boundaries of taste too. But somehow Sensible Footwear’s English accents make even the crudest jokes seem elegant. Even more appealing is the clever way they deliver their material like a chorus, sometimes splitting up jokes among the three of them, other times competing for the most wicked punch line. (Dallas: “Female genitalia are user-friendly–on the whole.” Vousden: “Everything tucked away neat and tidy.” Field: “Able to expand and contract depending on the job at hand….able to have unlimited orgasms.” Vousden: “Depending on the hand on the job.”) Organic Theater Company, Lab Theater, 3319 N. Clark, 327-5588 or 902-1500 (Ticketmaster). Thursday, June 15, 7:30 PM (call for additional performances, through June 25). $12.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Steve Double.