Mae West’s swan song to cinema at age 86 is one of the world’s all-time worst movies but that doesn’t detract at all from its immense charm and lewd fascination. Based on West’s own play, directed after a fashion by Ken Hughes (reportedly many hands were involved), and including such standbys as Timothy Dalton, Tony Curtis, Dom DeLuise, Ringo Starr, George Hamilton, Alice Cooper, Keith Moon, Walter Pidgeon, Rona Barrett, and George Raft, the movie often defies description as an inept but heartfelt tribute to West’s talent and worldview, produced by two wealthy English West fans in their early 20s. This is amateur filmmaking at its most delirious, complete with a rousing production-number version of “Hooray for Hollywood”; West herself remains visibly sedated but indefatigably game throughout. (Film Center, Art Institute, Columbus Drive at Jackson, Friday, September 30, 7:30, and Saturday, October 1, 4:00, 443-3737)