Angie Edwards, aka SHARKIFACE, has that evil-cute look that lets you know right away she’s all about domination. A member of the Bay Area noise royalty who’s played in Caroliner, Tarantism, and the transplanted Ohio group 16 Bitch Pile-Up, she coaxes oceans of broken glass from tiny metal boxes. At high tide she’ll shred you into a pink mist, and when she’s being gentle she’ll slice you lovingly into delicate ribbons. There’s not a slow sizzle to her sound–it’s more like instant vaporization.

Edwards is on tour with her pal Jake Rodriguez, aka BRAN(…)POS, another noise lifer–he’s been performing solo under this name for more than a decade. His Mogwai gurgles, geeky squeaks, and woozy, ghostly electronic sprinkles don’t exactly conjure up thundering seascapes–I imagine tiny translucent spiders crawling across the dainty patterns on the stained wallpaper of an abandoned house. It’s more about incurable malaise than irreversible annihilation, but it’s still plenty disconcerting.

Sharkiface headlines and Bran(…)Pos plays third; Crippled Insectual and Magic Missile open. Fri 5/19, 9 PM, Enemy, 1550 N. Milwaukee (3rd floor), 312-493-3657, $5 suggested donation. All ages.