Despite the name, this game is all hits, no errors. A young, athletic cast hits the zenith of zany in this family-oriented 75-minute superpowered condensation of Shakespeare’s early comedy of mistaken identities and the resulting “infidelities.” Director David H. Bell puts a rubber-faced ensemble, here playing eager actors of the New Deal’s Federal Theatre Project, through a thousand paces: pratfalls, sight gags, puns, comic anachronisms, and industrial-strength mugging. Reduced to its farcical essence, The Comedy of Errors is a Saturday-morning cartoon anyway, thus the perfect way for a kid to meet the Bard. But grown-ups can savor the dazzling complications and salacious overtones of two pairs of brothers who inadvertently indulge in what feels like a riot of free love. Through 3/19: Sat 11 AM. Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Navy Pier, 800 E. Grand, 312-595-5600 (TTY 312-595-5699). $10-$15.