Sean Eagan, 21, rode his bike here from Kansas City, where he used to help run a live/work/play space called Sleeper Cellar. He’s been in Chicago a few weeks and figures he’ll stick around a few more.

Liz Armstrong: What’re you doing here?

Sean Egan: Drawing pictures and drinking and going to shows.

LA: Are you going to get a job?

SE: I got hired at Cold Stone Creamery and then was told to go home because my shorts were too short.

LA: What is it with those short shorts?

It all happened kind of gradually. I had an obsession with Magnum, PI in a totally heterosexual way. He has a fucking . . . not a Lamborghini, the other one . . . and he wore short shorts and had a helicopter.

LA: But you ride a bike. I heard you rode your bike here from Kansas City.

SE: Yeah. I can’t afford a car so I figured I’d ride a bike. It was cool ’cause from having a space in Kansas City I’ve met a lot of people, from across the midwest especially, so I had all these people who I treated very well for one day in the past. And it was memorable enough that they put me up. I camped the rest of the time.

LA: How long did it take you to get here?

SE: Nine days total.

LA: What did you bring with you?

SE: A tent, sleeping bag, an old stove that takes gasoline. I used it ten times, and I used premium fuel. So I did use gasoline to get here, but I only spent 80 cents.

LA: Are you going to ride your bike back?

SE: No. I’m going to go further. But I want someone to go with me–anybody who wants to ride a bike with me. I’ve already made it from Kansas City so I know what I’m doing, but some company would be swell.

Art accompanying story in printed newspaper (not available in this archive): photo/Jim Newberry.