Gold record
Gold record Credit: Andrea Bauer

In our recent Food Issue, Cursive front man and recent Chicago transplant Tim Kasher spilled his guts about how much he appreciates a box of Velveeta Shells & Cheese. No shame in that game. The love letter to the processed-cheese product eventually led to a Twitter dialogue with Velveeta’s marketing campaign—which is called Eat Liquid Gold, and described by Kasher as “ultrawacky.” Discussed in their exchange: Kasher’s possible ability to consume an entire brick of Velveeta, Kasher’s possible ability to consume an entire house built out of Velveeta bricks. “Wacky” seems to only begin to describe Velveeta’s next move: they mailed Kasher a framed record—his own record—platinum-trophy style, made out of the space-aged cheese product. Congratulations, Tim, you’ve gone Liquid Gold!

Domestica, Cursive’s 2000 emo landmark, spoke to an entire generation of young, forlorn indie-rock fans. It also looks rather handsome cast out of America’s favorite pasteurized cheese product, ready to hang on the wall of your foyer. The rest of the frame is filled with shell-shaped pasta and a Kasher-branded packet of cheese sauce. A hammer hangs from the side of the frame for those times when you just really, really need some Shells & Cheese—and don’t mind picking glass out of it.

The gold record doesn’t fit in the fridge—luckily Velveeta’s futuristic chemistry allows it to stay fresh without chilling. Delicious.