Credit: Melissa Scholl

Why bother with Hogwarts when your dad can just make you a wand?

Two years ago, after getting sorted into the Ravenclaw House on Pottermore—an interactive website from J.K. Rowling that tells unknown portions of the Harry Potter series—Melissa Scholl sent her father, Larry, a photo of the customized wand the game had generated for her. She jokingly told him he should use his woodworking skills to make her one. Well, he took the request to heart, and, presto, the then-19-year-old Scholl had a real-life wand, complete with the exact dimensions specified by Pottermore.

Though Scholl says the wand’s usual home is her room, she did venture out with it one Halloween when she dressed as the spell-savvy Hermione Granger (aka Emma Watson). The wand has piqued the interest of friends, too, prompting a sorority sister to grab it from her room and show it off during rush at Northwestern.

The fascination with the wand mostly stems from the Harry Potter series and Pottermore, but for Scholl, its significance is particularly family tied. “It’s cool that my dad did it for me,” she says. “It has more special meaning familywise than Harry Potter-wise.”

And what about supernatural powers? Not quite, but that still hasn’t kept onlookers from falling under its spell.