Not pictured: vaginas. Credit: The Rogue

After reading the Cosmopolitan article “Would You Do This to Your Vagina?,” photographer Katya Hervatin made a sound and rational decision: start a photo project that focuses on applying googly eyes to vaginas.

Influenced by artist Jenny Saville, Hervatin’s portraits are not only meant as a commentary on the lengths women will go to to beautify a body part she believes needs no alterations, but also as a parody of the decoration and sometimes reconstruction of the vagina—through a procedure like labiaplasty, for example.

Hervatin places googly eyes, merkins (aka pubic wigs), and rhinestones on vulvas of anonymous subjects and shoots. Though subjects range in ethnicity, the age group typically falls within the twentysomethings, a detail she hopes to eventually change.

All of the images in her collection are purposely unmodified, and she tries to keep them as original as possible. Hervatin says she wants to force the viewer to look at something he or she may deem ugly, and have it look right back. Thus far she has photographed 14 googly-eyed vaginas and hopes to hit the century mark. Anyone interested in participating in the project can visit her blog at

Select images of Hervatin’s googly-eyed vaginas will appear at Roxenboxen Exhibitions (2130 W. 21st) on Fri 12/14 (7-10 PM) as part of the final critique for her Queering Spaces course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.