Credit: Julia Thiel

Not surprisingly, bookstore owners Celia Rose Marks and Jordan Rutherford are also book collectors. They opened the Yellow Book, a used bookstore and gallery in Humboldt Park (at 1007 N. California), last May, but have been collecting for much longer. Every once in a while, Marks says, they come across something they can’t part with. Those gems go on display in a glass-doored wooden cabinet.

Current items include a signed copy of Lectures on Ancient Philosophy by Manley P. Hall with illustrations of different chakras and planetary models; an old book on juggling; Alice and the Teenie Weenies, by Chicago Tribune contributor William Donahey; a first-edition copy of Joe Carducci’s Rock and the Pop Narcotic; and a collection of erotic photos from the 70s. There are also letters, photos, and other miscellany found in between the pages of used books.

“It’s like a little book museum,” Marks says.

Got something to show us?