Therese Burton's animals really sock it to you.

Therese Burton started making her sock animals after attending a sock monkey workshop. “My whole family is cat crazy so instead of a monkey I made a cat,” she says. “It was such a big hit that I started to make them for Christmas gifts. Once my friends saw what I was making they wanted some as well.”

To date Burton has created more than 100 different animals. “As an artist I’m used to thinking outside of the box,” she says. “Cats and dogs gave way to bears, horses, mice, spiders, octopuses, Siamese twin monkeys, flying purple people eaters, and a dragon.

“Every time I see a pair of wild or fun socks I can’t help but grab them. The wilder the socks the more fun it is to make. All of the animals are hand-sewn. I never use the sewing machine.”

After participating in the Uptown Ribfest, Burton was able to donate almost $300 to Stewart Elementary School just from selling her sock animals. “I’m very proud of that!” she says. “It’s also a great way to keep busy while watching the news or waiting at the doctor’s office.”