Aaron beckman started creating his sock creatures after Christmas of 2008, when his sister gave him a book on how to make them, along with “a bunch of socks.” He followed a basic pattern for the first one, he says, but wanted to create his own kind of creature, so “I just started to pattern and make my own giving them different shapes, sizes, colors, and limbs. They take on their character as I construct and stuff them, not ever really knowing what kind of creature will be born. I don’t name them but let other people pick their names as they see fit, since they are their own species and all. My girlfriend gives me different colored tights and my sister gives me buttons to create new creatures.”

It takes about a month to create one, he says. “Since I work a day job as a legal clerk, it takes me a while to get to all my different artistic projects. Creating a new species and character and all, that takes time to develop, kind of like incubation or being pregnant, I guess. I am hoping the zoo grows and grows. I would really like to find homes for them and possibly sell them one day and am always open to people sending me their tights and socks to create a new creature for them personally.”

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