“Me and my business partner, Seth Mooney, we grew up together, and we both just have always had an attraction to skate culture and stickers,” Nick Marzullo says. “For me it started with Disney characters and things like that.”

A couple years ago Marzullo and Mooney started a sticker club project through their gallery, Pawn Works: artists submit images from which the gallery produces stickers, which are sold in vending machines throughout the city (locations include the Empty Bottle, Quimby’s, and Color Wheel Studio).

In the meantime, they’d continued to add to their personal collections, accumulating thousands. Last year they decided to make a collage and started putting stickers on vinyl Plexiglas; it’s now finished and displayed in the gallery at 1050 N. Damen, where it’ll be viewable through the end of January. Marzullo, who’s 30, says there’s close to 20 years worth of collecting on there, totaling around 5,000 stickers.

“We broke the 15-year seal with this collage. I have a photo of me holding a couple of these stickers when I was 12, and to unpeel them and finally have them find their final destination was pretty intense, just as a collector.”

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