Subtitled “Tales From a Little Red Dot,” this festival of contemporary films from Singapore continues Friday, January 28, at the University of Chicago Film Studies Center, 5811 S. Ellis, and Saturday, January 29, at the Biological Sciences Learning Center, room 115, 924 E. 57th. Saturday will be devoted to the work of director Royston Tan, beginning at 10 AM with a retrospective of his early shorts, music videos, and commercials, and continuing at 1:30 with his 2003 debut feature, 15. Reviewing the film when it screened at Chicago’s lesbian and gay film festival last year, Reader contributor Joshua Katzman said that it “uses unconventional narrative techniques to reanimate the familiar subject of troubled youth struggling to get by in a sprawling, indifferent city. Directing real-life street kids, Tan abruptly shifts focus from one character to another, as if mimicking their impatience and short attention spans, and like Godard he playfully subverts his own material by having actors address the camera directly, spouting cultural and political asides. Loopy musical numbers add to the whimsical tone, mitigating an essentially grim subject, yet Tan is unstintingly graphic in chronicling the messy details of the boys’ lives: street fights, suicide attempts, self-mutilation, and wholesale drug abuse.” Afterward Tan will screen his new short, Absentee (2004), and take part in a discussion. For more information call 773-936-1033 or visit the festival Web site at